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The André Citroën Club de Catalunya was born in 1992 in order to bring together enthusiasts of Citroën automobiles in Catalonia. Since then the number of members organizing outings, expeditions, trips, cultural or gastronomic visits has continued to grow. There are all sorts of people, all ages and types. We accept everyone who has a little Citroën humor running in their veins. At present we have more than 180 active members.

We meet the first Thursday of every month at 8:30 in the evening at the Velodrome bar in Horta, Barcelona, near the Ronda de Dalt. All Citroën aficionados are welcome, whater make their car is or even if their have no car at all. Members put together outings as they wish or attend other spanish or foreign clubs organized events.

The club puts out a newsletter each trimester called "GENTE ENCANTADORA" (enchanting people) wich was the slogan that made the Dyane famous in Spain and may still be applied unconditionally to all members of the chevron marque. All types of technical information appear in the newsletter as well as bibliographies, photographs, flyers, advertisements and also contacts for those seemingly nonexistant parts.

Ask for more information at the P.O. Box or by e-mail.